GI Mates training for the Orientation for Semester 1, 2011

As I hoped, I have already been a member of GI (Griffith International) Mates. Today, I had a very impressive training for the coming orientation. It is not just like to tell the members how we need to provide for the new International students, but also it has shown the responsibilities that people need in the life.

Being the member of GI Mates is not only to be patient, friendly, and easy-going, but also be enthusiastic, responsible and professional. Personally, enthusiastic is the main point for everyone who wants to be successful in their lives. People need to be responsible for everything thing they have done. In this stage, I want to say some about the professional, cause most people think GI Mates cannot be the professional about the information which they give to the New International students, but what I think is they need to show their professions when they provide the services. We need to be professional in the communicating skills, and the services providing. It is quite like the Customer Services in a company, a vital department to the company. The same as the GI Mates, we like being the Customer Services in Griffith University, but our target market is just the New Griffith International Students.

From the training, I got to know some people who I would working with as a team, and we gonna support each other for 2 weeks. They are more friendly, and quite communicated. From that, I can see why the GI Mates is that successful in the Griffith. Personally, I joined this organization is not just for the money the University gonna paid us, honestly, I didn’t know the GI Mates could get paid for their work. What I think is there always something more than the money itself. Like working as the GI Mates, getting the communicating skill is the main advantage of it; working as a team, you might be find how important the teamwork is, cause members need to support each other to make the tasks more successful . As a business student, these two mains are the key I need to improve in my uni life, even when I get to work. However, the it gives us this opportunities and practice.

I do not know what gonna be from the next week, but I will try my best to make myself to be better, and contributing to the GI Mates gets better and better, as I worked before, the new students are looking forward a hand from us, and they trust us, so, I will use my real experience to make my work to be the best. Also, as the same when I worked in the office, I will let more student to know the GI Mates, recommended them to this society, and courage them to join us.

GI Mates is the start of my working and it will be lasting as longer as it can in my life, I am very proud of being the member of GI Mates, and appreciated all the experience the leaders give to me.

Thank James, Stephanie for running this organization and training for us, and also thanks all the GI Mates members in advanced for supporting me to make our work more successful.

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Merry Christmas

This is my first Christmas overseas. I do not know what I can do during this important time to the Western people. I have changed my flight to 26th Dec, but it seems that I will get into the trouble when I change it. My friends will be in the work in that day, no one can send me to the airport. I do not know I can get into the airport by myself or not, cause I got 2 cases.

Yesterday, after I sent my friend to the airport, I got to know how Christmas important to the Western people. The bus driver wear as the Christmas man. At that time, I know it has more meaning than the Chinese New Year to Chinese people.

Before the Christmas, casual job made me know that it is not easy to make the money. Lack of sleeping, tried seems can help to make the money. However, I really love this job, even it is no paid, I will try my best to do this job, because money cannot be the main thing in the life, I have got plenty of experience from that job, such as how to speak in the phone, how to communicate with the people, and to know how the uni run. The staff in the office are really busy. I alarm myself to study more harder in order to find a job after I graduate as soon as I can.

Merry Christmas to James, S, and all the staff in the Office,

Merry Christmas to Robin, Julien, G, and all my friends,

Merry Christmas to my Parents and myself.

Happy New Year.

See all of you next year, and take care.

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First Party-GI Mates

I have a wonderful party tonight, which had been hold by the GI Mates. This is my first party when I get in Australia for about 4 months.I am the really new one for this GI Mates, but I am pretty sure that I will be the excellent one after my hard working for that.

In the party, I have talked with some Griffith staff there, and share my experience with the experienced GI Mates. Actually, I have got so many helps when I first in the Orientation. They helped me to fine the place to get the enrollment package, helped me to get the package, showed me how to enroll the courses, and even talked with me about the life in the uni. I think they can be described as the “Brothers and Sisters” to every first year International students. At that time, I really wanted to be the member of this amazing organizations, cause I really want to give other help.

Today, I have been the member of this fantastic organisations, I will give my help from next semester. That is kind of dream has come true. I will work as the good as other mates.

GI Mates is really new one, he needs people to give the passion, enthusiastic.

I am get ready for giving the passion, loyalty, enthusiastic, hard-working to this meaningful organization-GI Mates (Griffith International Mates.)

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